* For the Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) and care groups

* For polishing Furniture and Polyester

* For Aircraft and marine industry and polishing Surfaces such as Granite It is IDEAL!


Our Company

Our company has operated on production of sheep polishing pads since 01.07.2004 The owner of the company and the workers have been working on the production of sheep polishing pads for 20 years. Our company with the workers have much experience on production and development of the product and can respond all needs of the customer instantly.


Since its inception customer portfolio of our company have been increasing continuously. In connection with this capacity of the production of sheep polishing pads have been going on rapidly. We supply our products to automotive industry, main and auxiliary industries ,repair group industry, furniture industry, marine group industry, marble etc. basic or sub industry, paint wholesalers and its service with either directly or through intermediary companies.


Our company has export our products abroad since since 2004 November. Overseas customer portfolio have been increasing instantly. Our company supply polishing pads to major automobile manufacturers which is in abroad.


While producting the polishing pad ,Our company will develop the product without compromising the quality of the products and will be open to innovations.


Being honest and reliable, having a work ethic, quality and customer satisfaction are our most important working principle. Our most prominent feature is Our hard-working identity which is open to innovations and changes.



Mission and Visions


Adopting improving the service quality without compromising our line and our stable posture with our workers as a principle.


Making itself responsible for producing the highest quality products , developing the products in order to provide better service in a way that is open to innovationand providing best service to the customers.




Obey Polishing Pads

  • 76   -  80   - 90 mm
  • 120 -  135 - 145 mm
  • 150 -  160 mm
  • 180 -  200 mm
  • Belted Pad
  • VIP Pad
  • Lamb Skin Gloves


    Quality Certificates

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