* For the Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) and care groups

* For polishing Furniture and Polyester

* For Aircraft and marine industry and polishing Surfaces such as Granite It is IDEAL!


About Us

Our company has operated on production of sheep polishing pads since 01.07.2004 Our company with the workers have much experience on production and development of the product and can respond all needs of the customer instantly.


Technical Information

The OBEY sheepskin wax pads we have produced is natural and are manufactured with %100 of sheepskin. In production of wax pads we use Merino Sheeps.The color of feathers usually is white or ivory white. According to the life of sheep Colour difference can be found on fur.


Obey Polishing Pads

The OBEY sheepskin wax pads are produced for the section of the factory finishing and repair group. The pads is used for treatment of paint streams, emery scratches and similar errors. Compared to their counterparts it treat all scratches fastly.


Our Missions

Making itself responsible for producing the highest quality products , developing the products in order to provide better service in a way that is open to innovationand providing best service to the customers.

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